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Elements Series: Water (jigsaw puzzle)

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'Water', the life-sustaining element is featured in this colorful representation of the many forms of water on our planet.  Winking Kat's Elements Series is based on the four classical elements described by the ancient Greeks.

18" x 18" square jigsaw puzzle

500 pieces

Skill Level: Moderate

NOTE:  Because of the symmetrical nature of this design, some pieces may appear deceptive.  Winking Kat embedded clues into the design to help our fans successfully solve this colorful puzzle. 

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18 inches x 18 inches

We want you to succeed

We pride ourselves on offering images that are challenging, but still colorful and fun. Because most of the designs in our Elements Series are symmetrical, pieces may look like they belong where they don't. That's why we've built in some clues to help. A list of clues for each puzzle can be found on our main website,

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